Hi! Thanks for stoping by. I’m Alana, I was born in Maui (yes, I’m Hawaiian). My favorite movie growing up was The Virgin Suicides. I love to bake and make things with my hands.

I run ALANA DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s a small photography studio in Binghamton, New York. In 2007, I received my BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and I have a background in Fine Art and Fashion Photography as well as other art disciplines.

I have a Frenchie named Koali, a sweet daughter and an amazing husband, who all support and inspire me to make beautiful images.

I also run a small print shop called Humu Print Co. Check it out.


Alana Davis creates color images that imply rather than illustrate a narrative.They hint at memories, ones that we all share even if the specifics differ. The delicate details of inanimate objects, the subtle aspects of landscapes and the sensitive rendering of quiet interiors, usually shot in the golden glow of early morning or late afternoon, evoke stillness, romance and intimacy. In each photograph, with its warm, beautiful light and subdued color palette, Davis unearths the poetic and the abstract from the ordinary and the every day; the mundane becomes infused with the mysterious. Lone figures, their bodies turned away from the camera or their faces obscured by shadows, sometime appear in her work but they are utterly unaware of the photographer’s presence or the role they play in sparking our recollections.


If you are here, it’s likely our work has sparked something in you that resonates with our unique style. Our work speaks to certain clients who really value capturing the delicate and emotional moments that can sometimes go unnoticed.

It brings me a huge amount of joy to collaborate with so many amazing couples to create their vision of timeless images for their wedding. By relying mostly on natural light, we’re able to build a romantic narrative and make the unique images required to create a visually stunning story.

So, if you like our work and feel that we may be a good match. I’d love to have a no pressure chat about exactly what it is you want. Email me and I will send over a current price list with our packages.

Alana Davis Photography
P.O. Box 102 Binghamton New York 13903

718 213 8368


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What do I get with my package?

A High Resolution Disk with ALL of your edited images including copyrights. A custom handmade box of proofs and optional coffee table books. Plus as a complimentary bonus the larger packages include a free engagment session.


Do you edit the photos yourself?

Yes, everything is done in house and custom for you.

Do you travel for photo shoots?

Yes, that is a possibility, email us and we can talk about it. We usually charge whatever our travel expenses require are in addition to the photography rate. Ex. Hotel, Flight, etc.

Do I get a High Resolution disk with all of my images?

Yes you do! We also give you shared copyrights so you can print as many photos you want anywhere you’d like. But you can also print through us!

Can I publish my photos online through social media?

Yes, we ask that whenever you publish our work you credit the image.

Do you shoot corporate headshots?

Yes we do.

Photo by Habitat Studio